Congratulations!  You've reached a defining moment.  Throughout the guidebooks* you have seen ways in which the workplace is like a race.  What kind of "race" is God setting before you?  Doing a career assessment is one way to find out.

     There are a variety of career assessment tools on the market today. Maybe you have used one and are happy with the results. Then again, maybe not. Either way, it's good to get another perspective. Remember, this is an investment in your future! It can pay great dividends in the workplace. It can serve as a springboard to the kind of successful experience you would like to have.

      Some assessments emphasize job skills, others personality temperaments; still others preferences, priorities, or lifestyles. Many include multiple aspects.

The career assessment tool chosen for this course is called the "Motivational Appraisal for Personal Potential." (MAPP)  It covers multiple aspects, but emphasizes motivation. Experience suggests that motivation is an important determinant in making a job meaningful for the long run. Besides, it's one of the things that energizes you to go for your personal best.
Moreover, a tool like this might help you uncover ways God has "stirred up" your spirit or "equipped" you. Skills can be learned, but factors that motivate are at the core of who you are.
There are some other reasons why the MAPP assessment tool is particularly useful:
  • It has been used and fine-tuned in the marketplace for more than forty years
  • It's fast and easy to do (online, about 15-30 minutes)
  • You get speedy results (online, about 2-10 minutes)
  • It's inexpensive (especially when compared to other career assessment tools or the recurrent costs resulting from a poor career choice - only $19.95)
  • You can print a fifteen to twenty page personalized report
  • It helps you identify occupations that fit your motivations
MAPP Instructions           Go To MAPP Assessment

*The guidebooks are three Creating A Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan guidebooks featured on this website. People working through the guidebooks are directed to this site to take a career assessment.  For more information about the guidebooks click here