Listed below are books that Greater Heights recommends to help you better understand the youth culture of today. Authored by youth ministry experts such as Josh McDowell and Ron Hutchcraft, these books will give you greater insights into the challenges and battles youth face and fight, and the culture within which they exist. Also included is the book, Revolve, which is the complete New Testament (New Century Version) in the form of a magazine for girls, as well as Refuel, which is the complete New Testament in the form of a magazine for guys.
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Beyond Belief To Convictions
Josh McDowell

Having Christian convictions means being so thoroughly convinced that Christ and his Word are both objectively true and relationally meaningful that you act on your beliefs regardless of the consequences.

Beyond Belief to Convictions contains the blueprint for a revolution in the lives of young people. It will help you lead them to a real encounter with God that transforms them into passionate followers of Christ.

Paperback, 250 pages.
The Disconnected Generation
Josh McDowell

The real battle is not in the amoral and immoral influences of our culture, but in the hearts of our young people, says author and speaker Josh McDowell in The Disconnected Generation. And our young people are losing hope because they feel isolated and alienated from their parents. They are the disconnected generation. This book shows parents and youth workers how to understand and close the isolation gap to form nurturing, enduring relationships that can withstand cultural influences.

Paperback, 250 pages.\

Be Intollerant
Ryan Dobson

"Whatever" is now the password into civilized youth culture. Alarming numbers of Christians eighteen to twenty-five years old believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth. Yet, Ryan Dobson proclaims, we can't even function if we believe that everything is relative. In his first book, the impassioned youth speaker explains God's establishment of absolutes, using relevant examples to awaken Christians to the world's desperate hunger for absolute truth -- and the church's duty to proclaim it.

Paperback, 121 pages.

The Seven Cries Of Today's Teens
Timothy Smith

This cutting-edge profile of the Millennial Generation shows us that our teens not only need adult guidance, they want it! In the current design-your-own-morality culture, our teens are pleading for our mentoring. This book is an accessible, unintimidating guide that will allow you to interpret what your teenagers desperately want you to hear, so you can respond and make a new connection with them, beginning today.

Paperback, 241 pages.


Ten Time Bombs: Defusing the Most Explosive Pressures Teenagers Face
Ron Hutchcraft

Every young person lives with pressures that really are like ticking time bombs. But you don't have to be a victim - if you know how to defuse the most explosive pressures young people face. Ten Time Bombs is your personal "Bomb Squad" manual, showing you some very practical ways to avoid life-wrecking explosions.

Paperback, 196 pages

The Battle For A Generation
Ron Hutchcraft, Lisa Hutchcraft Whitmer

If Satan can capture one generation, he owns all that come after. Today, unchurched young people know little or nothing about Christ, and most Christian young people make little difference for Him. The Battle for a Generation provides insight, understanding, and practical strategies for youth leaders, pastors, parents of teenagers - anyone who cares about today's teenager.

Paperback, 186 pages

Generation 2K
Wendy Murray Zoba

What is the Millennial Generation like? Beginning with the class of 2000, a new generation is coming of age. These youth are bombarded with popular media--movies, music, magazines, computer games, television shows and web sites all offering the same message in a thousand ways: Nothing matters.

How can parents, ministers, teachers and friends help these teenagers grow close to Jesus? Wendy Zoba offers many practical ideas for navigating teenagers through the quagmires of contemporary culture and nurturing in them a faith that can stand the tests of time. Is there hope for this generation and the next? Yes. This book shows how you can help build up today's youth in the hope of Jesus.

Paperback, 111 pages.
Saving The Millennial Generation
Dawson McAllister

Meaningful relationships, genuine connections, and real love: if those are the things this generation of teens-- the Millennial Generation--is crying out for, who can deliver? You can, says Dawson McAllister. Yes, you the parent, you the youth worker, you the teacher--anyone who wants to show teens the real love of Jesus Christ. But if you want to give Millennials what they're looking for, you've got to be willing to meet them on their own turf. And that's not always easy because the Millennial Generation is one of the most skeptical generations in history. You don't have to let them down. Saving the Millennial Generation will help you understand Millennials--what makes them tick and what ticks them off when it comes to school, church, and home. You'll have to earn their trust, but it'll be well worth the effort. Because in the end, you'll build relationships that will bring fruit both today and into all eternity-- for you and for the Millennials.

Paperback, 186 pages


  Mentoring Millennials    
Mentoring Millennials: Shaping The Next Generation
Dr. Daniel Egeler

The Millennial generation is unlike any other. Born after 1980, they don't know the world before computers, video games, or MTV. They are optimistic, desire rules and boundaries, and support tradition and values. A passionate group, they long to commit to a cause. However, they cannot make it alone. They need guidance and direction from people who care. They need to hear your stories--both successes and failures. In Mentoring Millennials, Dr. Daniel Egeler provides a framework to help older generations reach out to and teach the next generation through examples as simple as sharing stories and experiences or as deep as lifelong commitments.

Paperback, 144 pages

Progenitor Principle: Why You Must Leave A Legacy Behind
Kayode Taiwo, Olumide Taiwo

"The Progenitor Principle" is a must-read for every father, leader, mentor, and anyone in the position to impact the lives of others. It is crammed with life-changing principles that will inspire the reader to turn passivity into action. Among other principles, you will learn that:

1. You are a CAUSE, and the kind of EFFECT you produce is directly related to the kind of cause you are.
2. There are four dimensions of fatherhood every man and woman should know.
3. You are a pacesetter for the next generation.
4. Even inaction is a form of action. What you donít do will hinder, alter, or frustrate those who will come after you.
5. Mentoring has three aspects: Constructive, Preventative, and Corrective.
6. The effects of culture can greatly impact mentoring.

Paperback, 91 pages.


Revolve: The Complete New Testament
Nelson Bibles

In focus groups, online polling, and one-on-one discussion, Transit Books has found that the number one reason teens don't read the Bible is that it is "too big and freaky looking." This fashion-magazine format for the New Testament is the perfect solution to that problem. Teen girls feel comfortable exploring the Scriptures in the New Century Version and over 500 further-study notes because of the relevant language and format!
Revolve is the new look for teen Bible publishing!

Paperback, 384 pages

Refuel: The Complete New Testament For Guys
Nelson Bibles

This BibleMag is a totally cool new way for teen guys to read the Bible. Formatted like a sports or entertainment magazine, this New Testament Bible comes to life with relevant application. Based on the success of Revolve, and in response to tremendous customer feedback, this Bible is sure to be a hit!

Paperback, 384 pages

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