Whether you're a...
 youth worker
 home educator
 volunteer staff member
you can help guide young adults to greater heights in a very practical area of life ó the workplace. With this curriculum youíll be able to:
 Offer guidance
 Increase studentsí self-confidence
 Give them a strong start
These guidebooks from Greater Heights, along with the Leaderís Guide, make your job as facilitator/ guide easy. With these materials, you can:
 Invest in a young personís future
 Encourage a student to excel
In fact, you may be just the right person, at just the right time, to make a real difference in a young adultís life.
"Todayís Christian youth are driven by a passion for making a Kingdom difference. They want a cause. They want to make their life count. This desire affects their quest to answer the important questions of 'What will I be when I grow up?' and 'How can I live a life of significance that makes a difference?'
"These students, their parents, teachers, youth leaders, and guidance counselors now have a resource in Rick Pinkhamís Career Game Plan to guide them on an important journey of discovery. Rick bridges the falsely imposed sacred/secular chasm by drawing from his years as a Christian businessman and committed churchman. The result is a practical, hands-on curriculum filled with scripture, wise counsel, and helpful application activities. Whether you place this in the hands of a young person to be used in personal study or if it is used in a group setting, you canít go wrong. Pick up Career Game Plan, check it out, and I think youíll agree that it has the potential to make a life-changing difference in your life and in the lives of those to whom you minister."
—Dr. Bradley J. Widstrom, Asst. Professor of Youth and Family Ministries,
Denver Seminary, Englewood, Colorado.
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