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Did You Know...
  • Millennials (people born 1977-98) spent $1.5 billion online in 1998? (Population 12.4 million)
  • Millennials spend an average of 10 hours a week online.
  • Millennials have an average of 3 email accounts each.
  • Millennials average online attention span is less than 20 seconds.
Youth Ministry
Understanding Teens And Youth Culture
  • Understanding Your Teenager - helping teenagers by helping their parents. Research shows teens are more likely to succeed in life if they have parents who will stay involved in their lives  all the way through adolescence. The goal of this site is to help parents understand their kids better and stay connected.
  • Al Menconi Ministries - Examines pop culture, music, movie and video game reviews, spiritual life, and tons of challenging articles
  • Center for Parent/Youth Understanding - a comprehensive look at today's youth culture, influences, pop culture trends, resources
  • True Lies (Phil Chalmers) - Site devoted to youth issues, such as media discernment and teen crime and the lies media communicates to today's teens about sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and suicide.
  • Growing Up Digital - the influence of technology on society, youth, and the forces of transformation which are poised to emerge out of the digital trend
  • God Knows What It's Like To Be A Teenager - Site by Mark Marshall about his book of the same name. Uses the Psalms for writings to help teems in their struggles.
Education Issues
Christian And Secular Social Trends And Social Action
  • CyberAtlas - a leading resource for Internet trends & Internet statistics
  • BreakPoint - Commentary on current news and events by Charles Colson and other guest writers
  • Barna Research Group - site of marketing research company that analyzes cultural trends and the Christian Church. Important survey articles can be read here.
  • See You At The Pole - site of an effective student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led movement, where once-a-year on a designated date, students meet at their school flagpole to pray  for their school, friends, teachers, government, and nation.
  • See You At The Pole Australia - Site of this prayer movement in Australia, with an excellent youth article segment called "Activate"
  • 1-888-Need-Him - answers to life's greatest and most important questions
  • Internet For Christians - web site reviews and recommendations and Internet happenings for the online Christian community
Media Resources
  • Campus Life - website of the magazine for teens; a publication of Christianity Today
  • Brio Magazine - For teen girls, from Focus On The Family
  • Breakaway Magazine - For teen guys, from Focus On The Family
  • Christianity Today - website of Christianity Today International with multiple valuable resources for ministry, research and society analysis from a Christian worldview
  • World Magazine - current events magazine from a conservative, often Christian, perspective
Generational Study
  • The Fourth Turning - Exploring History - a key book in generational study by William Strauss and Neil Howe. Examines previous generations and what we can expect in society from the next generation
  • The Multi-Generational Workforce - Can You Foretell How You'll Fare in the Changing Economy by Your Age?
  • Love Those Millennials - "Generational Inquiry Group" looks at Gen X'ers, Millennials and all things about the different generations
  • Generation Watch - News and views of America's Living Generations, with an emphasis on current events and today's culture wars