WANTED: a few good guides
The youth of this generation, called the Millennials, want guidance and direction. You can help. Perhaps you've been waiting for the youth pastor in your church to bear this responsibility. However, it's extremely possible, and likely, that he or she is already swamped with their duties and may not have the time or inclination for any new project. That's where you come in.
Former NFL quarterback Fran Tarkenton explains his discovery:
"The thing I wished I had realized earlier, but I'm glad I realize now, is that the great thrill and joy of life is not personal benefits.  The real joy and thrill of life is to understand that I'm here on this earth...to contribute to somebody else...with no regard of what comes back to me."
"We, as adults, must never forget the pain of trying to grow up and of the competitive world in which many adolescents live today. Taking a moment to listen, to care, and to direct such a youngster may be the best investment of a lifetime."
— James Dobson, Living With A Teenager