Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan Guidebooks
What are your students planning to do with the rest of their lives?
Most people spend 40 to 50 years in the workplace, but only about half are satisfied in the work they do. In which half will your students be?
Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan will help your students:
  • Define their life's purpose
  • Refine their life's direction
  • Sort through their career options
  • Create a career game plan of their own
Does your student's sense of purpose inspire them to greater heights in the world of work?
Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan will show your students how to discover far more meaning and purpose in the workplace than most people ever experience. They'll find inspiration, vision, and direction through biblical truths as well as from stories of individuals ancient and new.
Are your students trying to identify a vocation they could get excited about?
A successful experience in the workplace is not an accident waiting to happen. It's the result of careful planning and channeled passion. Find out how your students can turn their time in the workplace into a meaningful adventure!
This set of three guidebooks from Greater Heights will help your students:
  • Clear away the fog created by a staggering number of occupational options.
  • Discover their motivations, interests, and aptitudes.
  • Identify which career fields would be a good match for them.
  • Increase their level of confidence.
  • Get assistance from someone who has been there.
  • Understand what type of higher education or training they'll need to qualify for your chosen vocation.
  • Develop a workplace perspective they won't get in school.
  • See how the work they do can be an adventure with God.
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