Introduction to
Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan
Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan is about preparing for the world of work.  It presents a spiritual context for career planning.  It challenges users to think about their future in light of a biblical perspective.
By working through this set of three interactive  guidebooks, users will discover purpose and direction in the workplace while making thoughtful vocational decisions. They'll discover that there's more to work than appears on the surface—more than a paycheck. They'll find deeper meaning in their work, and see how it can actually be a meaningful adventure with Him.
These guidebooks takes a unique approach.  They present a world-view that students won't get from most schools, career counselors, or popular career-related books.  They help students integrate biblical truth with something as practical as work.  They address many of the "why" questions students ask.
While the course is appropriate for a wide age range, it is especially beneficial for students in the transition years (approx. 17-22). That's because these are the years when young people are making critical decisions about their future: choosing an institution for higher education, a major, and a vocation.