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"I plan to use these books with my own teens this year. I believe that if they commit themselves to this study, they will end their high school years at home with a clear vision for the future. Pinkham has researched, written and beautifully presented the sentiments and values I want to pass on to my children, and has crafted self-exploration exercises that would have taken me far too long to construct. It's all here, like a guidance counselor at my child's side."
--Product Review by: Christine Field, Senior Correspondent, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine www.theoldhomeschoolhouse.com
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Open Letter To Parents,
Do you have a son or daughter nearing graduation? If so, are they ready for the next big step?
Whether they plan to enter the workforce or further their education, the choices they're about to make can impact their lives for years to come. Fortunately, you're in a great position to offer guidance. Here are a few ideas:
1.    Be a coach as well as a parent. Help your son or daughter see that they have potential — probably more than they realize.
2.    Encourage them to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to exploring their future and career options.
3.    Assure them they are not alone. Choosing a vocation is difficult for most students.
4.    Let them know you are supportive. Remind them you want to help in anyway you can. Suggest they learn all they can from those who have gone before them.
5.    If they plan to further their education, offer to take them on a trip to visit campuses of schools that interest them. You might start by visiting a local college or university.
6.    Encourage your student to join others who are Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan. These interactive guides help students:
  •  Define their life’s purpose
  •  Refine their life’s direction
  •  Get a biblical perspective on work
  •  Sort through their career options
  •  Create a career game plan of their own
These books take a unique approach. They present a worldview that students won't get from most schools, career counselors, or popular career-related books. They help students integrate biblical truth with something as practical as work. They also address many of the “why” questions students ask.
Commenting on these guidebooks, Reg Grant (Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary and author of Storm: The Surprising Story of Martin Luther, and Telling Stories To Touch The Heart with John Reed) said:
I'm impressed. These are an excellent tool for anyone who wants to grow spiritually – not only in terms of finding a career direction, but in their own relationship with the Lord. The material is well organized. I found it very easy reading and it provokes good, deep thinking at the same time. It's also fun.
As you know, the cost of higher education has gone through the roof in recent years. A college education is a big commitment of both time and money. Why waste either? A small investment in this study now can save your child — and maybe you — thousands of dollars later.
7.    Serve as a guide to greater heights by becoming a small group facilitator. While the guidebooks can be done on an individual basis, they are best done in a small group setting. Therefore, we're looking for a few good guides (adult volunteers) who are willing to meet with a small group of students. A Small Group Kit and Leader's Guide make it easy for you.
"We, as adults, must never forget the pain of trying to grow up and of the competitive world in which many adolescents live today. Taking a moment to listen, to care, and to direct such a youngster may be the best investment of a lifetime."
— James Dobson, Living With A Teenager
High school and college students seem to reach graduation day before you know it. So encourage your student to create a career game plan of their own. They'll be glad they did...and so will you.Go to e-Store
Rick Pinkham
Author (Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan)
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