Small Group Kit
Get more from Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan guidebooks by doing them with a small group.
The Small Group Kit makes the leader/facilitator’s job easy.  It has everything you’ll need to get a small group—five or less—off to a fast start while keeping them engaged.
Starter KitEach Small Group Kit includes:
  •  5 sets of guidebooks 1, 2, and 3
  •  5 reference books
  •  1 Leader’s Guide
  •  5 Steps to Peace with God booklets
  •  10 business card-sized invitations

There are two basic components to a Small Group Kit:

  1. Guidebooks which participants purchase and keep.
  2. Reference books and Leaderís Guide which your organization can keep on hand for your next small group. Therefore, these resources are a one-time investment. All you will need for your next small group is guidebooks.

Participants. Each participant will need a set of three guidebooks. The guidebooks are $19.97 each or $17.97 each when purchased as a set (10% discount).  Participants should pay for their own books in order to place value on the material and to enjoy a sense of ownership. Purchasing the books also gives users an incentive to complete the material. Furthermore, one set of these interactive guidebooks is less than the cost of many college text books!

Your organization. In Guidebook 3, participants will be asked to look up descriptions and information of the top three occupations they have identified. The five reference books that come in the Small Group Kit make this part of the process very convenient. Users can look up the information they need in one session without having to encounter delays or go anywhere to find the information. The material in the reference books also prepare users to meet with an advisor as explained in Guidebook 3.

Therefore, your organization’s out-of-budget, one-time investment is only $ 91.01!

Small Group Kit

List Price

  (10% discount)

Guidebook 1: Building On The Rock  99.85 (5 copies)
Guidebook 2: Planning With Purpose  99.85 (5 copies)
Guidebook 3: Finding Direction  99.85 (5 copies)
Leader's Guide    9.97
The Unofficial Guide To Hot Careers  15.95
Cool Careers For Dummies, 2nd Ed.  19.99
Jobs Rated Almanac, 6th Ed.  14.95
Occupational Outlook Handbook  16.95
O'Net Dictionary of Occupational Titles, 2nd Ed.  39.95
Steps To Peace With God pamphlet    2.50 (5 copies)
Less 10% Small Group Kit discount


FREE Occupational Handbook



 $360.88 plus shipping

YOU SAVE  $58.93!
Your out-of-budget cost is only:
  *Cost of Leader's Guide and reference books
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Ten business card-sized invitations are also included in each Small Group Kit at no cost. These can be used by participants to invite their friends to join your small group.