Small Group Starter Kit
How To Use
Career Game Plan Guidebooks
With Your Youth Group
These guidebooks are designed for those about to enter the workplace
The primary target audience of Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan guidebooks is juniors and seniors in high school and college-aged students. Thatís because this age group is making career and educational decisions that will impact their lives for years to come.
They work best in small groups
Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan guidebooks are ideal for small groups. Plan one session per week for twelve weeks. We suggest you pick a weeknight and invite a maximum of ten students to join you. If you have more than ten, form a separate group with its own leader and order another Starter Kit.
Enhance your students' experience with a Small Group Starter Kit
Greater Heights has assembled two Small Group Starter Kits. These kits include either ten or five sets of the Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan guidebooks and five career reference books. When students get to Guidebook 3 they will be asked to look up specific job and career information in these reference books. Therefore, itís important that you have these at hand to keep students engaged and the session moving.
Students should reimburse your church/organization for their own guidebooks and career assessment. Doing so will contribute to their sense of ownership and encourage a commitment to finishing the course. That means the cost to your church/organization’s budget is limited to the reference materials in the Starter Kits. The cost of those materials is only $80.27 plus shipping (for the 10 guidebook kit) or $98.12 plus shipping (for the five guidebook kit). What a huge return you’ll get from such a small investment!