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Open Letter To Teachers,

Do your students have a clear picture of what they will do after graduation?  Are there some who lack a sense of purpose and direction?

Dr. J. P. Moreland identifes a common problem among students today: "Drifting is an epidemic in the youth culture of America."

Many students are aware of the problem and are seeking a solution. A survey conducted by Josh McDowell revealed that the number three thing young people want from life is "a purpose."

A study by George Barna confirms the need.  He found that six out of ten teenagers want a "clear purpose in life."

Dr. Brad Widstrom takes it a step further.  He says, "Today's Christian youth are driven by a passion for making a difference.  They want a cause. They want to make their life count.  This desire affects their quest to answer the important questions of 'What will I be when I grow up?'  and 'How can I live a life of significance that makes a difference.'"

You are in a position to make a difference.  By using Creating A Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan guidebooks you can help students discover a God-given purpose and direction.  These interactive guides address a practical area.  It's an area of life to which students can relate and for which all must prepare -- work.  These guidebooks help students understand God's design for work and to prepare them for the world of work.  These books are about something bigger than just finding a job.  They address important big-picture issues.  For example, they:

  •  Teach a biblical worldview
  •  Communicate the sovereignty of God
  •  Reinforce the value of each person as God's unique creation
  •  Show how God wants them to be fellow workers with Him
  •  Raise students' level of confidence through preparation

Commenting on these guidebooks, Reg Grant (Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary and author of Storm: The Surprising Story of Martin Luther, and Telling Stories to Touch the Heart with John Reed) said:

I'm impressed. These are an excellent tool for anyone who wants to grow spiritually – not only in terms of finding a career direction, but in their own relationship with the Lord.
The material is well organized. I found it very easy reading and it provokes good, deep thinking at the same time. It's also fun.

Many students rush through career guidance and assume that somehow it will all work out.  However, once in the workforce, they find it's not that easy.  They have spent years preparing academically, but have spent little to no time preparing for the workplace from a biblical perspective.

Do most students really believe God is active in their workplace?  What will they do when their career path does not take the direction they think it should?  Where will they turn when boredom creeps in?  How will they respond when a co-worker receives a promotion or a pay raise they deserved?  What will they say when an office mate gets a choice assignment that was rightfully theirs?  What will be their attitude when they feel overlooked, unappreciated, hurt or treated unfairly?  To whom will they turn when they become angry and lose hope?

Creating a Purpose-Inspired Career Game Plan will help your students build a foundation for the forty or more years they will spend in the workplace.   With it, you can prepare them to enter the workplace with a stronger sense of purpose and clearer direction.



Rick Pinkham
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