Guide Your Students to Greater Heights in the Workplace
Are some of your students nearing graduation?  If so, what are their plans? Do some of them seem rather fuzzy?
Students in the transition years are about to make decisions that could impact their lives for years to come. They'll be choosing between full-time jobs and higher education; between majors and vocational options.  Many need help and guidance.
You can be their guide. The guidebooks and Leader's Guide from Greater Heights make it easy.
“Rick Pinkham has saved students years in loss of time, talent and energy. If a student pursues this study, he will know how to focus on purpose, plan steps to get there, and have a guide from Scripture to walk him through the process.”
—Dr. Barry St. Clair, President & Founder of Reach Out Youth Solutions, Author and Speaker, Equipping Leaders, Parents, and Students around the world in a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry strategy